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  • 117 – (ASK ME ANYTHING): From Doubt to Done: Starting a Business, Imposter Syndrome & Building Confidence 00:00

117 – (ASK ME ANYTHING): From Doubt to Done: Starting a Business, Imposter Syndrome & Building Confidence

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Come take a front row seat on the most inspiring OT conversations that will inject you with unbound confidence and leave you feeling lit up and empowered to take action in your life, work and business.

This is for the occupational therapy professionals who dare to think differently, who deeply resonate with a lifestyle approach to therapy and who endeavour to create meaningful change in the lives of others. It’s for the OT’s who are eager to take the roof off their expectations and live up to their own occupational potential.

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I wanna tell you something. We’re all on a different journey, but we’re all after the same destination – a meaningful life that lights us up and gets us jumping out of bed in the morning, right? We know this more than anyone. Purpose and meaning run through our OT veins!

But the thing was, I wasn’t able to hold a job for more than 12 months because I never found the ‘right fit’. I started my career in the hospital scene, dabbled in work rehabilitation and was employed by a special development school until I grew my own wings and started my own mobile therapy business in 2013.

Over time (and after many late nights of trying to figure out my direction in life and business) I grew more confident in my abilities and started to infuse my personal passions into my work. I had that fire in my belly and I became totally immersed in the areas of life that brought me the most joy. Well, that’s the idea of life right? ….if we do it right!

I want to share with you how I wove my passions into my work and how you can too with my 3 Steps to OT Lifestyle Coaching eBook.



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Occupational therapist, personal trainer and mindset coach here to help you live out your OT dream. Let’s do it!
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