117 – (ASK ME ANYTHING): From Doubt to Done: Starting a Business, Imposter Syndrome & Building Confidence

  • 117 – (ASK ME ANYTHING): From Doubt to Done: Starting a Business, Imposter Syndrome & Building Confidence 00:00
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In this special episode, I’m on the other side of the microphone! I’m taking the guest seat as I chat with a fellow OT, Jo, who reached out via Instagram. We realised our conversation could benefit a wider audience, tackling some of the most pressing questions in the world of occupational therapy and starting a business. We’re diving deep into the issues that matter – to you!

In this episode we discuss:

  • Tackling the overwhelming feeling when starting a private practice. 
  • Understanding the potential in independent private practice for OT and pediatrics. 
  • How a niche can streamline your practice. 
  • Strategies for gaining confidence as you start your practice. 
  • Navigating imposter syndrome.  
  • Dealing with the fear of not knowing enough. 
  • Session planning – to do or not to do? 
  • How to feel assured about the knowledge you impart. 
  • Handling expectations from clients and their families regarding therapy outcomes. 
  • Strategies for dealing with challenging interactions in practice. 
  • Methods to use for evaluating therapy effectiveness. 
  • Preventing feelings of isolation when running a solo practice. 
  • Keeping your knowledge and skills up-to-date in a dynamic field. 
  • Making sure your interventions are genuinely rooted in occupational therapy principles, and you’re not just doing activities. 

Jo is a Children’s OT based in Bristol and Bath in the UK. She is in the process of setting up Little Rainbow OT, an independent service for children who have handwriting and fine motor difficulties, and desires to bring some art and creativity into her role as an OT through her new business. She has previously worked in social care as a Children’s OT in the UK providing specialist seating and equipment to children with physical disabilities. Prior to re-training as an OT she lived in Sydney, Australia and worked in many different roles including an Events Organiser, a Nanny, a Children’s Swimming Teacher and an artist selling her paintings in Sydney markets! Now she is excited about tying all these experiences together to create a new business and follow her OT dream. She is a wife and mama to 3 beautiful girls who keep her on her toes. When she has a spare moment to herself, she is usually painting, creating polymer clay jewellery or hunting for wildflowers in the countryside.

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