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You’re a student of life. You’re curious and your growth game is strong. You’re committed to your own personal and professional development because you know investing in yourself is the ultimate investment. I’m here to help you upskill, upgrade and uplevel to become the best version of you possible. And your occupational therapy clients will thank you for it. 

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If your heart centered compass is pointing in an innovative direction, but you’re scared to explore new territory. If occupation-centered contemporary practice is calling you, but you haven’t yet picked up the phone. If you’re craving meaningful work in the health promotion space, but feel stuck in the medical model paradigm. If you want to learn from OT leaders doing things differently, but don’t have any connections.
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A 6 week course and coaching experience experience for OTs and OTAs who are ready to follow their heart-centered compass, create an impact beyond 1:1 therapy and generate an income online.
We bring together 11 occupational therapists who share strategies and tools that you can use in your occupational therapy sessions today with the confidence (and evidence) to use them.
Leading world experts, inspirational parents & empowered autistic individuals reveal the tools, mindset & strategies to help you help autistic children thrive.



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Do you want to blur the line between work and play; and get your hands on the latest inspo, updates and strategies to propel your OT career and business forward?

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