Finding me in OT
Jen Gash
Kim Barthel
Lela Llorens
Winnie Dunn
Charles Christensen
Carolyn Baum
Kavita Murthi

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Finding Me In OT


An occupational therapist’s journey of following her inner compass,
unearthing her passion and purpose and awakening to the possibilities and
untapped potential of the profession.

Finding Me In OT shines a light on the true essence of occupational therapy
- beyond the systems, medical model, policies & procedure.

Kim Barthel
Kim Barthel

OT, author, teacher and visionary.

Dr. Michael Iwama

Creator of the KAWA Model.

Winnie Dunn colour
Dr. Winnie Dunn

Creator of the Sensory Profile measures.

Lela Llorens colour
Dr. Lela Llorens

History of contributions as a clinician, scholar and educator.

Jen Gash
Jen Gash

OT, coach and artist.

Charles Christensen
Dr. Charles Christiansen

Founding editor for the journal OTJR and creator of the PEOP Model.

Carolyn Baum colour
Dr. Carolyn Baum

Creator of the PEOP Model and AOTA President twice.

Kavita Murthi colour
Kavita Murthi

Registered OT and Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (UK)

It wasn’t too long ago that I felt completely uninspired working as an occupational therapist. I was just going through the motions Monday to Friday to get a pay check at the end of the week.

My soul craved more. More purpose. More passion. More impact.

So, I set out on a journey to learn more about our profession and the possibilities within it. After reconnecting with the roots of occupational therapy, deep heart-led conversations with OT living legends and my own inner work, I realised that the only thing keeping me stuck and stagnant in my career was my own thoughts around what I believed was possible.

I realised that as an OT I can work with anyone at any age or stage on their life’s journey to help them to do what they need and want to do. The possibilities are endless. My meaningful work was here in this space – Occupational Therapy. 

My hope is that if you are on a similar journey – if you feel jaded, disillusioned, burnt-out or lost –that Finding Me In OT instils you with a sense of hope and injects you with the courage to follow your dreams to create the change you seek in the world – one occupation at a time.

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