83 – 6 Practical Strategies for Co-Regulation

  • 83 – 6 Practical Strategies for Co-Regulation 00:00
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Co-regulation is the dynamic and continuous process whereby one person’s nervous system calms another. It is a hugely important skill as a therapist, but also in so many of our other life roles. Co-regulation is about meeting a person where they are at and attuning to their needs. In this episode I explore and talk through 6 practical steps you can use to co-regulate another person:

  1. Check in with your own emotions and body and ask “how am I showing up”? and “what do I need right now?”.
  2. Slow down your breath.
  3. Talk slower and quieter.
  4. Communicate through gestures.
  5. Use sensory strategies.
  6. Be patient, empathetic and understanding. Pause, notice and listen mindfully.

I hope this helps you next time you need it. x

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