84 -Aged Care & Dementia: Changing The Way OT Is Perceived ft Brooke Moore

  • 84 -Aged Care & Dementia: Changing The Way OT Is Perceived ft Brooke Moore 00:00
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Ageing populations are on the rise around the globe. And I’m so excited by the potential of our profession in this space and how we can really make an impact and enable participation in meaningful occupations for our elders in their later years of their life. We can provide ‘traditional’ OT, but there’s also scope beyond home modifications and equipment prescription. What if we start looking more closely at spirituality, healthy ageing and leisure? How can we push the boundaries into new spaces? 

Today we are speaking with the amazing Brooke Moore – an occupational therapist and the director of Holistic Occupational Therapy; an OT practice in South Australia that provides aged care and dementia specific support in both residential and community care settings. Brooke is on a mission to help break through the stigma of ageing and dementia and help her clients to feel valued members of society where they can live rich and meaningful lives.  

In this episode we dive into the multitude of ways we can work with older people, ways we can modify the environment, how can we support people with dementia ‘doing’ things that bring them purpose, what residential dementia care looks like and the potential of the small scale home model of care (if we dare to dream)…..and SO MUCH MORE!!

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