101 – Person-Centered Care & Surviving a Stroke ft Emma Gee

  • 101 – Person-Centered Care & Surviving a Stroke ft Emma Gee 00:00
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In this episode we explore person-entered care with occupational therapist and stroke survivor, Emma Gee.

We discuss:

  • Emma’s personal story of surviving a stroke after recently graduating from occupational therapy when she was 24 years old
  • How Emma re-learnt to talk, walk, eat, and complete basic every day activities again
  • Emma’s experience of feeling trapped in her own body
  • How personal identity can change after a experiencing a life-changing condition
  • What person-centered care is
  • Why person-centered care should be the cornerstone of our practice
  • How Emma received person-centered care after her stroke, and how she didn’t
  • Practical ways to embrace a person-centered approach today….and SO MUCH MORE!

Emma is an occupational therapist, a professional speaker and a person who survived a stroke when she was 24. In a moment, Emma’s life changed from that of a professional health provider and long-distance runner to that of a person who has survived a stroke. Unable to move, speak, or swallow, she found herself dependent on the medical system she had planned to make her career in. With tenacity and determination, Emma worked her way back to walking and talking again. But she didn’t stop there. Seventeen years on, Emma now runs a Speaking Business aiming to increase person-centred care & resilience, raise disability awareness & share her insights of life as a therapist and a patient – to demonstrate that anything IS possible.  

Emma understands through her own story the processes of partnership and collaboration necessary to show the way to a fulfilling, meaningful life because she embodies those challenges every day. Emma is the author of a own published a book – Reinventing Emma. 

Emma is generously offering listeners a 10% discount for her book – Reinventing Emma. Use the code: REBOOK@2023FS, and click on her website link below. Valid until 31 July 2023.

Instagram: @emg1234 

Facebook: Emma Gee

Website: Emma Gee

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