Raising Our Vibration: Unity In The OT Community

As Occupational Therapists we spend most of our time focused on the needs of our clients.  

We thrive on witnessing those meaningful (often immeasurable) moments.  

We are driven to creating an environment for our clients to overcome any barriers or limitations they may face. And we do all with heart. 

But what about us?  

By that we really mean—what about you? 

Who has your back on your healthcare journey?  

Who’s ensuring you’re not being held back by limiting beliefs or negative self-talk?  

Or there for you when you need to ask questions? 

On our journey creating The OT Lifestyle Movement, one of the biggest learnings we’ve had is that sometimes the best support comes from people who know exactly what you’re going through. 

What do we mean? Here’s exactly what happens when you open up and connect with other Occupational Therapists… 

You Find Your Tribe

What’s the collective noun for a group of OT’s? A hum.  

Or at least that’s what we call it.  

Because when you’re vibing with a group of people that truly get you and are dedicated to getting the best out of you, well, you can’t help but hum at a different frequency.  

When you’re feeling positive about the future and you feel supported in moments when you need to self-evaluate, this energy trickles down to every person you interact with. Your partner. Your family. And especially those whom you seek to serve. 

You Learn From Experience

They say it takes 10,000 hours to become a master of something.  

What if—instead—we brought experts with over 100,000 hours in industry experience into a single open-hearted community. A place where they can safely share learnings from mistakes, achievements and guides on how they overcame common OT challenges? 

What kind of mastery could you achieve with easy access to their stories and experiences? All presented in a format that fits your schedule? 

We wager you’d be practically unstoppable and here’s the best part…  

You Also Get To Grow Yourself Through Teaching Others 

As you journey through the stages of the OT Lifestyle Movement and attain not only professional confidence but achieve incredible personal growth, you’ll find yourself naturally becoming a leader for other members. 

It’s here where you achieve some of the greatest benefits of this community. 

You’re no doubt familiar with the ‘Protégé Effect’ but as you become a source of inspiration and support for new members, you’ll see it in action.  

Such as gaining: 

  • Clarity on the type of leader you are.
  • Increased motivation to learn new skills. 
  • Increased feelings of confidence and authority. 

The more value you give, the greater your gains. 

That’s why we launched The OT Lifestyle Movement, to create a place where occupational therapists from across the country and the globe can join forces, share knowledge and create a better world. Find out more and join the private community on Facebook here.

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