57 – Merging Passion & Profession: How You Can Do What You Love

  • 57 – Merging Passion & Profession: How You Can Do What You Love 00:00
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Do you want to know the possibilities within the OT scope of practice? Do you want to be re-inspired to do meaningful occupation-focused work? Do you have big dreams and a vision of how you want to respond to the needs of a changing world? Do you want to immerse in the energy of other occupational therapists who are doing things differently, and feel part of something bigger?

In this episode I share with you why I am creating an upcoming LIVE event: Merging Passion & Profession. I am SO excited about this, because so many of you have been asking for it! And it’s coming your way! In this event you will be learning from four Australian occupational therapists who are practicing in new and non traditional ways. These OT thought leaders have dared to dream big. And now they are living their dream OT life, and are coming together to inspire you to do the same! We got your back.

For more information on this $33 live event in mid November 2021 (replay available and it will be turned into a future course) head to: https://otlifestylemovement.com/Courses/merging-passion-profession/

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