49 – Nurturing The Innate Brilliance of Our Children with Homeschooling ft Sarah Collins

  • 49 – Nurturing The Innate Brilliance of Our Children with Homeschooling ft Sarah Collins 00:00
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Our children have an innate brilliance that needs to be nurtured. We need to be looking at how a child learns best and in what environment they will flourish. It’s safe to say that not every child fits the strictly ridged school system. Homeschooling offers much more freedom and flexibility, where learning doesn’t have to occur in the confines of a classroom. But how do OTs support homeschooled families? How can we ensure we take a really client-centered approach? And what about ensuing homeschooled kids aren’t sheltered from social engagement opportunities? Let’s dive into it all today with occupational therapist, homeschooling parent and founder of Collins Academy Therapy Service, Sarah Collins.  

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Instagram: @homeschoolot

Facebook: Collins Academy Therapy Services

Website: Homeschool OT Therapy Services

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