112 – From Stagnation to Inspiration: Reigniting Our OT Spark ft Brad Williams

  • 112 – From Stagnation to Inspiration: Reigniting Our OT Spark ft Brad Williams 00:00
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In this episode we are talking all about:

  • Why we often doubt our work as occupational therapists 
  • Recognising and addressing imposter syndrome within occupational therapy
    Strategies for rekindling passion in occupational therapy
  • Words of wisdom for the OT professionals in the trenches right now 
  • Exploring what identity-led work means and its practical applications in OT 
  • Understanding the importance of narrative and storytelling in the therapy process
  • The Becoming Collective – a space for occupational therapists to connect, learn and grow together 

Brad is a father of two and husband, occupational therapist, the host and creator of The Becoming Collective and founder of Naturally Gathered – an OT in nature practice.  He is a deep thinker and challenger of the status quo. Brad loves spending time in nature whether it be bird watching, hiking, camping or snorkelling. Professionally, he finds joy and energy in noticing and exploring unresolved problems and contemplating new ideas. 

You can learn more about Brad and The Becoming Collective here: 

The Becoming Collective


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