107 – Therapeutic Use of Self: Personal & Professional Self Intertwined ft Linda Finlay

  • 107 – Therapeutic Use of Self: Personal & Professional Self Intertwined ft Linda Finlay 00:00
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In this episode we are talking all about therapeutic use of self with psychotherapist, academic, author, researcher and former occupational therapist, Linda Finlay. We discuss: 

  • The concept of therapeutic use of self: what it is? 
  • The role therapeutic use of self plays in a person’s progress 
  • How we can develop and enhance the therapeutic relationship 
  • The concept of the ‘wounded healer’ – and how our own woundedness can at times help and at times hinder the therapy process 
  • How we can become comfortable with ‘being’ with our clients rather than feeling the need to implement specific models, strategies and techniques 
  • How ethics draws upon our own personal values, as well as professional standards 
  • How can we bring more of our authentic selves to therapy and foster genuine interactions with clients 
  • Examples of how Linda has used therapeutic use of self to support a person’s unique life journey 

Linda is an integrative psychotherapist who has her own private practice in the UK. 

Linda originally qualified as an occupational therapist in 1977 and worked in the mental health field in hospitals and psychotherapeutic units.  Over her therapy career, she has worked with both adults and children. Linda has particular expertise in the field of anxiety/stress, trauma, eating disorders, self-harm, and substance use.  

Her academic career has spanned 40 years and has involved teaching therapy and psychology-related topics on numerous undergraduate and post-graduate university courses throughout Europe and in the USA. 

In addition to her psychotherapy qualification and occupational therapy training, Linda has an honours degree in Psychology and a PhD. 

Linda is the author of Therapeutic Use of Self in Counselling and Psychotherapy and Practical Ethics in Counselling and Psychotherapy: A Relational Approach.  

Linda has a foot in both clinical and academic worlds. Her research and writing is anchored in practice while her practice is informed by research. 

To learn more about Linda, click on her website below:

Website: Linda Finlay

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