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Rhiannon Crispe

Welcome to The OT Immersion

A space where personal and professional development collide.

This one-of-a-kind full day OT gathering offers a powerful blend of knowledge and practice, providing you with the opportunity to embrace and embody holistic wellness principles into your everyday life and occupational therapy work.

We’ll explore returning to the philosophical roots of occupational therapy and how we can embrace an occupation-centered approach in everyday real life practice.

You’ll learn ways to embody authentic compassionate care and foster person-centered approaches.

You’ll uncover and explore why you are the greatest tool in your OT toolbox as we dive deep into therapeutic use of self.

We’ll engage in occupations and insightful discussions, fostering deep connections and growth.

Together, we’ll embrace the journey of doing, being, becoming and belonging, and redefine the possibilities of our profession, and our role within it.

The OT Immersion goes beyond the traditional focus on learning objectives; it delves into the realm of personal growth and experiential exploration, where inner transformation takes place, transcending the boundaries of quantifiable measurements.

The real gift of this experience is being immersed in the energy of the collective and embracing the medicine of healing occupations. 

Professional Development Certificate

The OT Immersion offers 8 hours of professional development. A personalised certificate will be issued upon completion.

Learning Objectives

Gold Coast


SATURDAY 18 November 2023
$333.00 AUD
COMMON Questions
Who is this event for?

This event has been specifically created for occupational therapists and students.

Where is the event located?

The event is located on the beautiful beaches of Broadbeach on the stunning Gold Coast. The exact venue location will be sent to you via email upon registering.

How long does the immersion go for?

The OT Immersion is a full day experience. It starts at 8am and finishes at 5pm.

Are tickets refundable?

Tickets are not refundable.

I’m travelling to the event, where can I stay?

Wonderful! The event venue has been selected for its convenient proximity to the Gold Coast airport and the wide range of accommodations available within walking distance

Is food provided?

Yes, morning and afternoon tea is provided. It is recommended that you bring your own water bottle as you can refill at the venue.

Can I purchase my ticket closer to the date of the event

Yes you can, however participant numbers are strictly limited based on venue capacity, so there is no guarantee that tickets will be available at a later date. Once tickets are sold out, there will be no more released.

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